Pirat Island Arty Toy by Djeco

Pirat Island Arty Toy by Djeco


Ze Pirat Island is a cool place for the pirates to hang out and look for treasure when not at sea.  This fun wooden pirate island is in the shape of a skull.  The Skulls mouth is the entrance and can slide back and forth.  There is a wooden palm tree on the island and a hammock for tired pirates to relax.  Can you find the hidden treasure?!

Suitable for Age: 4years+

Pirat Island Measures: 25cm in height x 36.5cm in width x 28.5cm in depth

Figures NOT Included.

Djeco Arty toys are inspired by the artistic artoys trend, created by contemporary designers and illustrators. There are several themed collections of Djeco Arty Toys; pirates, knights and princesses each figure has movable joints and little accessories. Limited Edition Characters are also created each season. Each figure Stands at around 8cm tall. To match the quirkiness of the figures Dieco have made a beautiful princess castle and Knights Castle with dungeon.

Toys are suitable for age 4yrs+

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