Little Wise Farm Life Kit

Little Wise Farm Life Kit


Little Wise Farm Life Kit
Travel friendly Little Wise Farm Life Kit – offering a magnetic farm life collage, plus lots of fun and interactive resources supporting early learning for 3-6 year olds.

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Product Description

The Little Wise Farm Life Kit is a magnetic educational toy offering a fun and interactive way to support early learning for young kids aged 3-6.  Everything comes in a nice and compact size box making it an ideal travel game for kids.  The box is designed with a tray lid, perfect for keeping all the different shapes safe while creating collages on the move or at home!

With each educational toy you get: 

  • Everything you need to make a farm life collage (i.e. an A4 folding magnetic and board card collage background and magnetic shapes);

  • A colouring-in sheet of the completed collage;

  • A bag of fun facts about farm life; and

  • A very informative educational resource which is bursting with ideas of how the kit can be used to support early learning across the age ranges 3-5 and 5-6.  Some examples of the areas of learning covered include literacy (inclusive of a range of colourfully illustrated practical tools for teaching little ones how to read), numeracy, geography/understanding the world, verbal communication and emotional health.  All areas of this resource have been informed by the Early Years Foundation Stage (the pre-school equivalent of the National Curriculum) and Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum.  The educational resource has also been developed in consultation with early years practitioners.