Summer Clothing Mystery Box

Summer Clothing Mystery Box

from 25.00

** Product picture an example of something that could be in a box. These will NOT be the products you receive… the contents is a mystery!

Please comment in the customer info box what size and height your child is and any clothing preference (ie. girls/boys/unisex)

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This is our Clothing Mystery Box.

If you would like a great deal on clothing then look no further than these boxes. You can pop in the comments what age, sex and even suggest types of clothing (like Dungarees or Dresses) that your child likes or dislikes. These comments will be taken on board, however your products are picked as a mystery and they could be items that your child will not wear or they could surprise you and be their favourite piece of clothing! Give it a whirl if you like a game of luck.

The clothing that is in the box will be from the brands that we currently stock, Pigeon, KITE, Blade and Rose, Piccalilly, Little Green Radicals and if an age is specified it will be for that age or above. If no age is specified it could be clothing anywhere from birth to 7 years.

You can expect to receive a retail value of more than order value in your mystery box (typical discount anywhere between 30-50%), but the contents will be a mystery!

A lot of care and thought goes into picking products for our mystery boxes, but mysteries are just that. You will not know what you are going to receive. If you do not like to take a chance and feel you could possibly be disappointed, then this is not the purchase for you.

Mystery boxes are Non-Refundable, unless faulty. Using retail values, NOT discounted prices, we aim to give you between 30% and 50% discount off retail prices in a mystery box.