Baba & Boo

Baba & Boo Charcoal Inserts- 2 Pack

£4.50 £5.95

Are you finding your child is wetting through nappies quicker than usual? Perhaps you need to try a different insert.

Made from two layers of bamboo charcoal fleece and three layers of bamboo, these might just save your sanity when your baby is wetting through quicker than usual. They are also perfect for boosting at night.

These new style boosters have all the benefits of charcoal. They still maintain their super-quick and mega absorbency...but by changing the inner layers we've been able to design a much slimmer booster than you'd expect from charcoal.   

Like everything in life, there's a balance and a trade-off. If you've used our older style charcoal inserts then you'll find that these boosters are still quick to dry - but not quite as quick as the old style.

Sold as a pack of 2.

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