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Baba & Boo Newborn Nappy - Daisies

£8.50 £11.95

Baba & Boo cloth nappies are called pocket nappies. Their Newborn Nappy fits from about 5lb in weight upto around 6 months old. So if you are wanting to use cloth from birth and have a small or average size baby then this size nappy is perfect to get you started. If you have a baby like my eye watering whopper at 9.3lb then they will not last as long, however remember, they can be passed down and used for more than 1 baby.

These nappies come with 2 bamboo & microfibre mix inserts. To use you secure the rise with the poppers, pop the insert/s in the pocket and away you go! If youwould like help or advice please drop us an email or call our shop to speak to someone in person. We advise for using Full time Cloth Nappies you will need 20+ Nappies, part-time anything from 1+ makes a difference to our environment!

We also offer bundles of nappies either to get you started part-time or a full-time set. Please drop us an email or a call and we can talk through this with you.

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