Baba & Boo

Baba & Boo Wipes (5 Pack)


Wipes are every parent's must have and it is usually a disaster if you leave home without some. If you are using reusable nappies or not, why not try reusable wipes?

Cleaning up from dinner, mucky faces, highchairs, floors and even walls, how many disposable wipes would you use? I use one washable wipe to do the lot, face, hands, high chair, floor and walls!

Baba & Boo Wipes are much softer and more absorbent than any other wipes i’ve used.

Parents who use reusable wipes often say they’d never go back; just one wipe does the job of a handful of disposables and they feel lovely. And because they’re reusable they’re kinder to your pocket and the planet. Just wash them with your nappies or the rest of your washing.

Each wipe measures 18x18cm, made from 100% bamboo.

Sold in packs of five.

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