Baba & Boo

Baba & Boo Small Wet Bag - Transport


These Baba & Boo wet bags are your perfect parenting all purpose bag, that you will never want to be without! Perfect for holding anything to do with children… mucky clothes, wet stuff, sticky stuff, absolutely anything, when it comes to children you can never be too prepared! Designed for use with cloth nappies but their uses go way beyond that.

Perfect makeup bags, toiletry bags, beach bags and great for trips to the swimming pool. Or perfect for storing wet or dry cloth nappies when you are out and about.

The bag sizes are as follows:

Mini is 13x18cm (holds approx 3 medium sanitary pads or 2 large/XL pads)

Small is 22 x 27cm (holds about 5-10 wet wipes or 1-2 nappies).

Medium (double zip) 35 x 40cm (holds about 4-5 nappies).

Large 38 x 55cm (holds about 10-12 nappies)

Features include a handle so it can hang on doors or hooks and a zipper fastening. The bags have a waterproof lining too. Perfectly Practical!

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