Sawdust & Rainbows

Sawdust & Rainbows Rainbow Climbing Disks Accessory


We are excited to be one of the first to launch Brand New Sawdust and Rainbows Products!

These adventurous Coloured Climbing Disks are an Add-on to the Slide. The reverse side of the Slide features 6 attachment points which the Climbing disks attach to.

There is going to be no end to the fun had with your Sawdust & Rainbows collection, keeping little and big ones entertained for hours…. days, weeks!

*This Product is an Add-on to the Sawdust & Rainbows Slide. You will not be able to use this product without the slide. 6 Coloured Disks that can be attached to your slide to allow your child grip to climb, a hint to a mini indoor climbing wall, but at home.

All products and attachments are tested safe for climbing and meet EN71 requirements.

*Discount Codes or Special offer Vouchers cannot be used to purchase Sawdust & Rainbow Products* Your products will ship directly from Northern Ireland.

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