Tonies How And Why - Dinosaurs / Prehistoric Animals

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The Age of Dinosaurs

The Earth was once ruled by colossal dinosaurs. Whilst giant sauropods were harmless herbivores and peacefully fed on plants, other dinosaur species like Tyrannosaurus rex were ferocious predators. Yet, no matter how powerful those enormous reptiles may have been, their mighty reign was terminated forever by an enormous catastrophe.

Prehistoric Animals

Since life has existed on Earth, new species have emerged whilst others have become extinct. What kind of place was it when life first appeared? How does evolution affect the development of species? What is a living fossil? And why are so many animal species of our time threatened by extinction?

Running time approx 70mins. Recommended age 6+. Not suitable for children under 3years.

Author: Dr. Manfred Baur

Reader: Christopher Karatsonyi, Debby van Dooren

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