Tonies Hully Boo - Treasure Hunt/Magical Competition

This little ghost is the main character of a wonderful audioplay-series. Hully Boo, ghost in training, and his friend the little witch Hedda Hex, want to improve their magic skills. This is why their instructor Bartholomew Bat, provides them with a new task to complete in every story.


The young ghost Hully Boo is excited about the new task his teacher, Bartholomew bat, have him: He has to find an inanimate object he can spook into life. Meanwhile, the little witch Hedda Hex gets to know unhappy little Polly.


And don't be scared: the second story on this Tonie starts with a howl! Hully Boo is supposed to find his very own, eerie ghostly howl. Hedda Hex, on the other hand, faces a completely different, difficult task. But first, there is an even bigger challenge waiting for them: The magic championships.

Author:  Simone Veenstra and Ulrike Rogler
Reader:  Adam Fitzgerald, Evie Killip, Declan Wilson, Stephen Critchlow and many more


01-22 – Treasure Hunt in the Museum

23-44 – The Magic Championships


Running time:  approx. 90 minutes
Age recommendation:  age 3+

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