Playin Choc

JustChoc Box Organic Peruvian Cacao M•lk Chocolate 30g

Playin Choc is a delicious Allergen Free Chocolate containing No refined Sugar, made from only 3 Natural, Organic Ingredients; Cocoa, Coconut and Vanilla.


Organic Peruvian Cacao M•lk Chocolate 30g

3 individually wrapped* chocolates in a box (*plant based home compostable film)

It’s not just kids who get to have all the fun. Our JustChoc boxes are an adult-friendly hit of creamy, dreamy chocolate, sized perfectly in 10g min-bars. Each individually wrapped chocolate is so delicious you need less for a satisfying treat.

A little of what you fancy does you good!

 These thoughtfully designed boxes make the perfect gift for friends or family, or a treat just for yourself. Just the choc, the whole choc, and nothing but the choc!
100% organic
Dairy, Nut, Gluten, Soy & Plastic FREE

Weight: 30g


100% organic ingredients:
cacao mass, coconut sugar, creamed coconut, cacao butter, vanilla


  100g per 10g
energy 2609kj 261kj
  630kcal 63kcal
fat - total 51.6g 5.2g
of which saturates 35g 3.5g
carbohydrates 32g 3.2g
of which sugars 25.5g 2.5g
protein 5.6g 0.6g
salt 0.13g 0.01g


great taste 2019        Vegan     ORGANIC SOIL ASSOCIATION

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