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Nipper & Co Soothing Postpartum Botanical Bath Tea


Soothing Luxury Bath Tea to aid Postpartum recovery. Handmade from Natural, vegan products.

Botanical BATH TEA:
A concoction of most powerful herbs known for its beneficial properties for postpartum healing.

Witch hazel; postpartum super herb know for reducing the swelling and easing pain associated with vaginal birth and tearing.
Yarrow; anti inflammatory herb also used for wounds and bleeding 🩸. Relieves pain and nourishes skin.
Calendula; natural antiseptic that soothes & eases swelling.
Lavender; antiseptic & healing properties to bring extra relief to your sore bits
Rose petals; anodyne effect (reduces pain through reducing the sensitivity of the brain/ nervous system).

How to use: Brew the botanicals in hot water for 15-20 minutes and add the brew to your bath/ sitz bath and/ or add the botanicals directly to your warm bath, relax, enjoy and let the healing begin

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