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Sawdust & Rainbows- Natural Wee'Un


The Colourful Indoor Fold-able Climbing frame from Sawdust and Rainbows. Pikler Inspired Climbing frame for children designed by Rosie, a mum on a mission and Handmade in Ireland by Rosie, husband Aidan and team. See our full range of Sawdust & Rainbows products… There are lots of fun accessories to expand your indoor climbing and play experience.

Change in design means that the knob which secures the Wee’Un is now placed on the inside rather than outside of the legs, to avoid little bumps when Children are playing.

The Wee’Un now comes flatpacked for home assembly, reducing the carbon footprint of the product.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A HANDMADE ITEM. *Estimated Delivery: within 10 days, delivery approx. Delivery Via Courier. Each item may be delivered as a separate delivery as they come in their own custom made boxes.



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The Wee’un is a folding indoor climbing frame inspired by Emmi Pikler. It is perfect for your little ones to climb, but it is not limited to just climbing, Its also a den, a tunnel, a seat, baby gym and so much more.

After being used as a sensory tunnel for newborns it can be used to provide a secure anchor for young toddlers finding their feet and who are in need of a little extra support to cruise and bum shuffling along.

It’s uses continue to grow with your little one as they progress to climbing, once rung at a time until they gain the confidence and physical awareness to get towards the top!

Our single rung top is perfect giving children a central point to balance on, while they get their legs and bodies over. If you think of climbing a gate or a wall and even a very similar structure, a fence stye, you would always place your hands in the centre, so to not bring your weight to far forward and become unbalanced.

Getting over the top whether it is the first time or the 100th time, it always gives children such a boost of confidence.

Easily folded for storage, when open the frame is designed to be self supporting but simply remove the knobs fold the frame and re-insert the knobs to lock closed. Locked closed means it can be stored anywhere, including our favourite, hung on the wall.

With loads of accessories and compilatory products from our range the play is truly open ended

• Handmade by a husband and wife team in rural Northern Ireland

• Easy foldable for storage

• Can be used outside but not left outside in wet weather

• Can be used from birth to 50kg.

• CE, ASTM, SOR and ISOTested

• Made from FSC engineered birch plywood and engineered FSC redwood dowels.

• Open 91cm x 77cm x 62cm high 

• Closed 17cm x 77cm x 77cm

• We make our own colours so sometimes they do vary batch to batch


This item will be delivered flatpacked for home assemly. Please view video below for assembly instructions.
For indoor use only
Made in Northern Ireland

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