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This is the Slide Accessory and can be attached to the Hump or Wee’Un or both at the same time to add another diversification of play (for both you will need an extra set of clamps). So what makes this Slide so special? Well, its not just any old slide… Turn the Slide over to reveal Six attachment points for special add-ons. We have a Ring Toss game, Ball Run and Coloured Disks for climbing.

The Slide comes with 1 set of clamps that will fix one end to your Wee’Un or Hump. You can purchase an extra set of clamps if you wish from the drop down menu.

All products and attachments are tested safe for climbing and meet EN71 requirements.

Whats in the box? 1 Slide & 1 Pair of Safety Clamps.

*Estimated Delivery within 10 days*

*Discount Codes or Special offer Vouchers cannot be used to purchase Sawdust & Rainbow Products*

Your products will ship directly from Northern Ireland via courier. Multiple items may come on separate deliveries as each product has its own made to measure box.


The Slide is a reversible slide and more for the Sawdust and Rainbows Range. The slide opens up a whole new dimension of open-ended play. Use it as a slide, a ramp, a bridge. Flip it over and you can add a range of attachments.

We designed The Slide to further enhance your open-ended play options with the Sawdust and Rainbows Range. It simply sets on and is made totally secure using our simple yet extremely secure joint system that allows you to transform your Sawdust and Rainbows products into something totally new.

On one side is a smooth surface to be used as a slide or ramp and on the other side are threads allowing it to be used with a range of attachments. The Slide can be placed in over 300!! Different combinations using other Sawdust & Rainbows Activity products.

The Slide is tested as a slide, ramp and climbing wall, Ball Run and Bridge and can be used by children of any age. Made from FSC certified birch ply and safe water-based lacquers.

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