Tonies Creative-Tonie - Sleepy


Already got lots of audio you love?
Our Creative-Tonies can’t wait to hear and hold your favourite tales and tunes. Just upload your existing audio files via the Toniecloud at or use the Tonie-App to record your very own stories, songs or messages.

Bedtime can be a very precious time for parents and children. It’s a time for reading stories and playing soothing bedtime music, a time to deepen our bonds and create healthy, nourishing sleep patterns.

A predictable, calming bedtime routine is the key to a good night’s sleep and the Creative-Tonie Sleepy can be filled with 90 minutes of your own customised content of lullabies and bedtime stories. Many parents have even told us that the Toniebox and Tonies have assisted with getting children to fall asleep alone, thus giving the parents their evenings back!

You will need wifi internet connection and to download the Tonie app to your phone and create a Tonie cloud account to upload content to your creative Tonies.

NOTE: only suitable for age 3+ due to small parts.

You will need a Toniebox to use this product. 1 Tonie Supplied with instruction leaflet.

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