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Less Waste, More Joy Organic Cotton Tote Bag

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Inspired by the words on the book jacket of my book, The Joy of Reusable Nappies, I wanted to create something both practical and celebratory of the joy cloth nappies can bring to your family and the planet.  I also wanted to create something to help spread the message of reusable nappies further than a book on a shelf - a conversation starter at playgroups or in the supermarket aisles - something to carry on my shoulder with happiness and show the world I am, or was, a cloth bum parent. These canvas shoppers are not just practical - they are the keepsake to remember your cloth bum experiences long after your journey with reusable nappies comes to a close. I hope you will wear yours with pride. ♥️



The canvas tote bags are made from 10oz certified organic cotton. The artwork is screen-printed by hand (by me, in my home) using waterbased Permaset printing inks. The ink is 100% solvent-free which does not include any CFCÕs, HCFCÕs, volatile solvents or aromatic hydrocarbons and is also Phthalate free, vegan and use GMO-free vegetable extracts.



380mm (width) x 100mm (gusset) x 420mm (height)

Each bag is sent out using 100% recyclable/biodegradable packaging.



The ink is heat set but they’ll keep best if hand washed only.

Because each bag is hand printed, there may be slight variations in the printing in comparison to the image shown. Each print is thoroughly checked and hand-finished to ensure their individual quality.

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