Bigjigs Mini Solitaire


Solitaire is a classic wooden board game found in many families’ game cupboards. Our Mini Wooden Solitaire is a timeless gift for youngsters and features bright red pegs on a smart, circular wooden board.

All of the pieces stow away underneath the playing board in the felt-lined tray. Solitaire is an excellent way to build the strategic mind! Made from high quality, responsibly sourced FSC® Certified wood. Conforms to current European safety standards. Consists of 32 play pieces.

Mini Solitaire - product features:

  • 32 play pieces
  • Miniature travel size
  • Made from FSC® Certified wood
  • 3 years +
  • W 12cm x H 4cm x L 12cm

How To Play Wooden Solitaire

  • The Solitaire game starts with all the pegs outside the field, leaving the empty hole in the middle of the wooden board
  • Simply jump one peg over another and pop it into the tray
  • Keep jumping over the pegs until there’s only one peg left
  • If you have more than one peg left, you lose

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