Classic Little Tin Tops


A blast from the past, Schylling’s Little Tin Tops feature bold primary colours and retro patterns. Spin the spinning top and listen to them hum. These spinning top toys are fun for everyone.

The oldest spinning top ever found goes as far back as the 35th century BC! Spinning tops come in many different sizes and shapes and all defy gravity in the exact same way. Did you know that some spinning tops can spin for over 50 minutes?!

Pump the handle to watch the tin top move and make a lovely humming sound. Colours and styles may vary. A fantastic birthday or Christmas gift for kids, reminiscent of bygone eras.

Little Tin Tops - product features:

  • Spinning top toys in assorted colours
  • One spinning top included, colours may vary
  • Iconic retro toy
  • Spin the top to listen to it hum
  • 3 years +

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