Djeco Card Games - Pipolo


Pipolo is a bluffing game with amusing illustrated cards. Animals on the cards are either hairy, naked, feathered or dressed. Test your skills at bluffing and enjoy the humour!

How the game works:

The first player puts down a card face down and announces for example, that it is hairy The other players have to follow and place a hairy animal card down. However, they all have a right to lie! You have to decide if your opponent is lying, if you think they are tell them. It you are wrong you pick up the deck, If you are right they pick up the deck of laid cards. The first person to finish with no cards is the winner.

Complete with instructions and rules ( in 8 different languages), this is an easy game to learn and is sure to keep children entertained in rain or shine. 

Suitable for 2-4 players aged 5 years+

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