Djeco Cheese Rescue Card Game


Cheese rescue is a strategy-type Djeco card game. In this game it will be about preserving its cards representing pieces of cheese which are coveted by the mice. For this you will have cats that will scare away the mice. But watch out for your opponents' dogs which will drive your cats away!

At the start of the game, a draw pile is made with the dog, cat and mouse cards. Each player has his 6 cheese cards and draws 2 cards from the draw pile. The players take turns placing a card adjacent to a card already placed within the limit of a square of 5 to 7 cards depending on the number of players. Once the card is placed, the player will complete his hand by drawing a new card.

At the end of the game, we will count the number of points on each player's cheese cards by having previously removed (in this order) all the cat cards adjacent to a dog card, the mouse cards adjacent to a cat card and the cheese cards adjacent to a mouse card.


Suitable for 2-4 players aged 7 yrs+

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