Djeco Do It Yourself Nature Craft Activities Set


A multi craft set by Djeco that offers 5 activities to enjoy, 12 objects to make and promises hour and hours of creativity!
Lots of materials to choose from and comes with instruction for each project.

Contents: 2 masks to decorate with 80 illustrated pieces of paper, 2 double-sided sheets of stickers, 2 elastic bands.
2 windmills to build with 4 pre-cut illustrated boards, 2 wooden rods, 2 plastic end caps.
1 kaleidoscope to build using 1 illustrated tube, 3 mirrors, 1 lidded container, 1 lens, 1 set of tweezers, 11 illustrated disks, 1 storage box, assorted small accessories (50 pcs), 1 illustrated stand.
6 nature-themed boards to create with 4 sheets of stickers (wildlife), 1 sheet of labels, 1 elasticated storage pouch.
1 set of chimes to customize with 2 sheets of transfers, 7 illustrated pieces, coloured cotton thread, 5 bells.

Designed by Britt DeMaris Leiendecke

Made with sustainable materials

Suitable from 6-10 years

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