Djeco Spirals - Dress Patterns


A drawing set for making amazing coloured spirals to decorate the outfits of the young girls in the 4 pictures provided. A classic activity given a fresh new twist by Djeco, with clever tools for making spirals without having to move! Children place a sheet on the metal plate, then place the magnetic frame on top and insert the cog. Next they draw their circles, easily creating rosettes without having to keep the frame still.  They have 3 sheets to draw on for each of the 4 models, so they can create plenty of fun patterns for each outfit.


Contents: 4 illustrated, cut-out and folded cards for slipping creations into (21 x 28 cm), 12 sheets to draw on, 1 metal plate (21 x 28 cm), 2 magnetic frames, 5 plastic cogs, 5 gel pens, 1 colour booklet of examples.

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