Fabelab Bathrobe - Old Rose Bunny

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With the ears of a little bunny and the wonderful Old Rose colour, Fabelab's Bathrobe is perfect for your little one after a warm comfortable bath. Bring the Bathrobe with you for a day on the beach or by the swimming pool to give your little one a smooth experience after fun bath time. Our Bathrobe is made from the softest bamboo and cotton blend to give your little one the feeling of a warm hug, after a day full of new adventures.

Fabelab's Bathrobe - Junior is designed from Fabelab's Copenhagen studio in Denmark. Fabelab's products are designed to encourage curiosity and imagination and all products are deeply grounded in storytelling and inspire children and their parents to be creative and playful. All products are made with love and based on natural materials and thoughtful beliefs, with attention to detail.

MATERIAL: OEKO-TEX® 70% Bamboo 30% Organic Cotton

Brand: Fabelab
Style no. 2006238432
Quality: 70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton
Dimensions: Size 2-4 (92-104), Size 5-7 (110-122)

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