Fabelab Offcuts Apple Rattle

THE OFFCUTS COLLECTION - Every piece matters. Fabelab wants to make a difference and contribute to caring for the environment and be part of building a global mindset about sustainability, reducing waste and recycling.When textile products are made, the factory ends up with waste and fabric residue, which in most cases, unfortunately, is just thrown away.
Fabelab has decided to change the production process significantly, and instead of wasting fabric, they will use every centimeter. In collaboration with Fabelab’s faithful and skilled Indian suppliers, they have chosen to reuse the fabric residues of their own productions and turn them into beautiful unique products. Since the small unique products will be made from the fabric that is left, no two pieces are alike.
Each piece is assorted and a collective item. Fabelab calls it the Offcuts Collection.
One Supplied.

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