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Looking for bug bite relief? This pack of fast-acting, pure magic is here to help. We’re proud to produce the most effective, natural method to stop itching. These bug bite stickers will stop little ones from scratching bites caused by mosquitos, spiders, sandflies, ticks, and more. They start working in under 60 seconds, last for 7 days, and are waterproof.

HOW DO OUR ITCH RELIEF PATCHES WORK? So how does this skin-safe, patent-pending cellulose patch provide comfort so quickly? Our latex-free mosquito bite patches use grid-relief technology for fast, easy relief. They micro-lift the skin and drain the lymphatic system of chemicals that cause the itching sensation. 

HOW TO USE: Get bitten Peel an itch-relief patch from the packaging Apply to bite

PACKAGING These retail-only packs come with 27 individual patches in assorted colors.. INGREDIENTS Cellulose

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