One Green Bottle

One Green Bottle Quench Cap - fits classic, curvy & tough


This is our best cap ever. Great for big thirst quenching glugs and totally leak proof when closed, which means it is the perfect cap for all ages over 18months.

Quieter than other caps and because of its wide spout it is easy to clean. Dishwasher clean in top drawer or handwash and use a pipe cleaner or small bottle brush to clean out the spout. The quench is used with or without a straw and its fast flow air valve means that you can even pour water from the spout. The quench cap has a clear polypropelyne drinking spout attached to the black lid.

PLEASE NOTE: The straws for this cap will not fit evolutions bottles bigger than 500ml size! If you plan to use a quench with no straw then that will be fine.


Please note: Made from BPA/BPS free non leaching polypropylene with a BPA /BPS free silicone seal and air valve. This material is more brittle than other plastics so please take care when using with very young children or toddlers who may chew the spout. Not suitable for children under 24months

The caps have a small white valve and care must be taken not to lose this valve when cleaning the caps and please instruct small children not to remove the valve. The new valve is tricky to remove but if you are concerned please do not use for very small children. 

100% recyclable polypropylene

As with all of our sports caps – you can use with or without the internal straw

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