Pomea Dolls Meal Time Set


Make mealtime with your baby doll even more fun with Pomea Dolls Meal Time Set. This adorable fabric bag comes with cute accessories in coordinating colors and an adjustable strap for a perfect fit. Inside you will find a spoon & plate, bib, cloth, cookie and a cute magic bottle which empties as you tilt it horizontally, then refills as you tilt it vertically so you will never run out.

Caring for your doll through role-play is a great way for little ones to practice social and empathetic skills. It also helps develop fine motor skills.

Contents: 1 shoulder bag, 1 magic bottle, 1 cookie, 1 plate, 1 spoon, 1 bib and 1 nappy.

Some items are made from certified wood.

Suitable from 2 years+

Fabric design: Tinou Le Joly Sénoville

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