Splashy Wetsuit with E-flex - Blue Palm Maui


Award Winning Warma Swimsuit Made With e-FLEX™ – The only swimsuit made of recycled plastics manufactured in collaboration with the STA (Swimming Teachers Association).

The Konfidence Warma Swimsuit has been developed to allow your child the freedom to play and learn in the water. The special e-FLEX™ material will keep you warm in the cold swimming pools and oceans, plus it's also 50+ UV protective on covered areas keeping your child safe on those sun filled holidays . It has a plush inner lining and a 3 quarter zip on the back making it quick and easy to put on or take off.

What's is e-FLEX™?:
e-FLEX™ is a Konfidence exclusive material which is made from recycled plastic, it has all the good bits of neoprene but is softer, stretchier and comes with a soft plush inner lining.

Why is it better than a traditional wetsuits?: Wetsuits are stiff and bulky which is not good for swimming lessons or for relaxing by the pool. The Warma Swimsuit gives you all the benefits of a wetsuit whilst being softer and easier to put on and take off.

Do I need to have a swimming costume or rash vest underneath?: NO. The Konfidence Warma Swimsuit is an all in one solution.


Key Features:

  • Regulates temperature: Keeps you warm in the cold.
  • Soft & stretchy: much softer and more comfortable than traditional neoprene.
  • UV protective: 50+ UV protection on covered areas
  • Exclusive: e-FLEX™ is a Konfidence exclusive material.
  • Eco Friendly: Made using recycled plastics.
  • Easy to clean: Simply wash in the washing machine under 40 degrees and leave to air dry.
  • Trusted: by Parents and Swimming Teachers Around The World

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