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The Puppet Company Wildlife - European Fox Puppet

Lifelike Fox puppet with vibrant russet fur, bright eyes and bushy tail which captures the charm of the enigmatic wild Fox. From forest tales to fairytales, this works particualrly well with other puppets in this collection or when with our Storytelling puppets to bring much-loved stories to life.
Collect your favourite European Wildlife animal from a charming collection of realistic puppets. Designed to fit both a child and adults hand for story time magic.
These beautiful high-quality puppets look and stand like a soft toy, and work beautifully as hand puppets for easy manipulation.
This puppet is perfect for developing fine motor control and its non-threatening character makes it ideally placed as a toy for children to talk to and share any worries with.
Suitable for children aged 12 months and above. Height: 23cm x Width:12cm x Length:16cm

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